The "One Call Close"

How to Sell Complex Consulting Services in One Conversation

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Course Summary: What is This Course and What Does it Do?

What is the "One Call Close" Approach?

The "One Call Close" is a sales strategy I was forced to develop when selling partnerships for a Fortune 500 client. Over the last 10 years I have refined the approach down to a simple set of fundamentals you can use to get a decision in any business development conversation.

What is in The "One Call Close" Course?

  • Moduled Training - 4 precise, step-by-step video trainings explaining what to do and why to do it
  • Core Sales Call Framework - A simple outline for all sales conversations. ONE sheet of paper, draw TWO lines, make THREE sections
  • How to Handle the Inital Call - We call these "problem calls". Identify the core issue and get a decision immediately
  • How to Handle the Follow-Up Call - We call these "solutions calls". Often times, we don't need to use them
  • Word-for-word templates and scripts - With guidance on how to make it your own.)
  • Private Facebook Group for "One Call Closers" - This is our special place to discuss issues, challengs, wins and losses. It is where we practice and refine the fundamentals BEFORE we get in front of a client with a big project on the line.

What Will the "One Call Close" Course Do for Me?

  • Get to Learn a simple framework for how to get a business owner to say "yes" to your complex services in the FIRST conversation.
  • Stop winging it. Use a structured, professional approach instead of relying on charisma, personality, charm or luck.
  • Find the REAL problem, fast. Quickly discover the MAJOR business problem affecting your prospective client.
  • Highlight the TRUE urgency, now. Quickly discover the emotional urgency that makes your prospective client want to take action immediately.
  • Position your service as the BEST solution. Quickly discover the other options available to your prospective client and explain why your solution is better.
  • Immediately establish your authority as the expert. Use a simple, 49 word phrase to immediately establish yourself as the leader in the conversation (this takes about 10 seconds)
  • Use strategic silence to your advantage. Don't just "be quiet". Learn how silence can be used to uncover *deep* insight during the conversation. (Your prospective client will thank you for it)
  • Respectfully ask for the sale. Whether it's $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, or $25,000. This course will give you an 8 word phrase to ask for the money...without sounding scared or salesy.
  • Eliminate the bureaucratic time wasters. No proposals, client chasing, price haggling, paper pushing, or any other useless "corporate stuff" that slows down the speed of the sale.
  • Catch sales objections, faster. Prospective clients will stall, avoid, and sometimes lie in order to delay making a decision. See these tactics in advance. Learn to navigate them directly...but professionally.

Your Instructor

Alzay Calhoun
Alzay Calhoun
While growing my business I tried over 35 different methods for lead generation (Yes, I counted). I tried cold-calling, cold-emailing, content marketing, referrals, networking and everything in-between. One of the simplest, and most effective, methods is connecting directly with decision-makers on LinkedIn. I created this course to give you a step-by-step process for generating leads on LinkedIn without risky paid advertising, aggressive sales tactics, or complex marketing funnels. Enjoy!

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